About us


Welcome to Spero and Support your Local shops!

Our Motto is to promote local shops and businesses for your needs. Spero allows any shops to market their products to their local customers and sell them online. No hassles. Spero will save your time, cost and energy and you receive your groceries, food items at your doorstep.

Our thoughts to begin Spero is to comfortably provide all products and services at the same prices from your local shops without having to venture outside your home. After your local vendor partnered with Spero, we offer to sell their products/services on our site. Once a pin code entered, just by the click of a button, all your businesses within 10KMS of the pin code will be open for the customers.

 Why Spero?


Local businesses are the backbone of our economy, the epitome of the Indian streets and often large tourist attractions. We all know that shopping at a local business, rather than an online store, is actually better for the economy of our country. To ensure a strong and sustainable local economy foundation people need to buy locally. Research shows that rupees spent with a local independent shop mean the local economy thrives and the improves the living standard of the people living around the area. This is simply because the nearby shop owners, who you are spending your money with, will then put that money back into your local communities/areas, thus circulating the money and allowing your community to thrive. Shopping with and investing in local businesses means you can have a very strong and positive effect on the health of the local jobs in your area. Small, local businesses are surprisingly the largest employer of jobs nationally and provide the most local jobs to communities.  Helping to grow the number of jobs in your area makes for a better place to live and work which then creates a healthy economy for the community. Spero is the key to order your shopping from your local business without stepping foot outside your home.



Better prices!


Find out what your local area can offer you first, before checking on big online retailers. The prices of products and services advertised in Spero is exactly the same prices as in your local shops. Spero does not charge or modify the prices.



Your people's business!!


The fantastic thing about independent businesses is that they are run by people, not by boards, stockholders or algorithms. As they are run by local people you will usually find that the business/shops building is in keeping with aesthetic of the area, adding character to the community and a touch of warm, welcoming personality. This natural authenticity will always be more popular than a chain, no matter where in the country. Local businesses can register with us to be available on Spero. Partnering with Spero is easy, access our website and click on the  ‘Register your shop’ link. The products will be uploaded to our site in a jiffy and available to order easily by all customers residing within 10KMS radius of the pin code. We restrict it to 10KMs to promote the local business



The best personal shopping experience


Although many chain businesses do have good customer service, you can’t beat the personal touch of a local owner who knows everyone in the neighbourhood. They can offer you a product that is suitable for you, your house and even your area. Building relationships between the local owner and the local customer goes further than just a purchase. It is also worth remembering that local shops stock an inventory based on their own customer’s choices rather than national fashion trends. 



Support your local shops and the economy


By choosing to shop at Spero, you are choosing a local company over an online giant who can actually have a positive impact on the environment. You can avoid driving, find a car parking space and order your necessities right from where you live. Give Spero your support and help us grow your local shops and customer shopping experience!!


Your Feedback


We have been receiving fantastic feedback from our valued customers, also special requests according to their needs, which we are working on the requests and keep improving our services to the best without compromising the quality.  Spero Team are completely committed to your total satisfaction. If you have any suggestions or comments, please email us using the 'Contact Us' link at the top of this page.

Spero is a trading name of WhiteBeaver Technologies registered in India.