Spero FAQ

Customer Registration


1.       How do I register?

Click on the sign in button, provide your mobile number, you will receive an OTP on your mobile phone. Enter OTP and then provide your address details


2.     Are there any charges for registration?

No. There are no charges for registration. It is absolutely free.


3.     Can I have multiple registrations?

Yes. You can make multiple registrations with unique details i.e; email ids and mobile numbers.


4.   Can I have multiple accounts with same mobile number and email address?

No. Each account should have unique Email id and mobile number.


5.   Can I have multiple accounts for members in my family with different mobile numbers/email addresses but same delivery address?

Yes. As long as each account has its own email id and mobile numbers, it is ok to have same delivery address in each account.


6.       Can I have different delivery addresses in one account?

Yes. You can add multiple delivery addresses in same account.


7.       Why do I need to log in when I just want to check-out?

The log-in is needed in order to authorise payments. The system will register your address when you choose a delivery. You can also opt in to receiving information that we will send from time to time about news and offers in your area.


8.       What is Dashboard?

Dashboard is where you will enter after sign in. You can amend details of your account in the dashboard.


9.       What is My profile?

My Profile contains personal your details such as address, name, mobile number and your order history.


10.    What is My Orders?

All previous orders and invoices from your account is listed in My orders


11.    What is Shopping List?

Any shopping ordered previously can be re-order using this function.


Paying for orders


1.       How can I pay for my items on Spero?

You can pay for your items using your debit card or UPI. You can also pay cash on delivery.


2.       How can I pay for my items on Spero?

You can pay for your items using your debit card or UPI. You can also pay cash on delivery.


3.       Is my data secure when I pay using my card or give you my address?

Yes. Your card information is processed by secure systems that have processes to protect data. For more information on this, please refer to the sections on payment processing in the customer terms and conditions.


4.       How can I make returns or refunds for the items ordered?

Customers should contact your shops directly for returns and refunds for items bought. Spero does not provide returns or refunds or re-delivery. If you would like to make a compliant about a shop, please contact sales@spero.co.in

Ordering items


1.  Can I order an Item to my address from another pin code?

We want to promote local shops. We deliver from shops that are 10km radius from your home pin code


2.  What should I do if I want to order to my parents who live in another place?

Search shops at the home page for your parents’ pin code.


3.   What happens once I have ordered my items?

When you have made your order and chosen you should receive an email to confirm your order. You can keep it on your phone or print it out so you can use it when you collect or receive your items.


The shop owners receive your order information and contact details so that they can label your products and pack them for you. Our delivery partner will receive information on your order and location so they will drop your items off on the same day


4.     How can I make cancellations of my orders?

We do not allow cancelling products as the order is already passed to the shops.


5.     I made a mistake during my order and would like to make changes to the order. But I have already paid for my items?

Contact the shop immediately before the delivery is made, shop contact details are on our website


6.       Are the photos you use of actual products?

Some are and some are not. The images are for illustration purposes and some are taken from a stock photo library.




1.       When will Spero deliver my items?

We deliver your order on the same day, if it’s made before 6pm on the day. Any order made after 6pm will be delivered the next day


2.       Why the items can’t be delivered on particular days?

It is possible that the shop is closed, please check the shop opening times on the website


3.       Will I be contacted for delivery?

Yes. Our delivery personnel will contact you before they deliver.


4.       How much are the delivery charges?

50Rs is the standard delivery charge.


5.       Do you deliver in my area?

When you add postcode and Spero has a shops registered in that postcode, then you can make orders from the registered shops . We deliver 10Kms in and around the postcode.


6.       If someone inform me if my delivery is delayed?

Yes, our delivery personnel will promptly inform you if there is a delay


7.       How will the delivery be done?

We have dedicated delivery personnel for each postcode who ensure there are same day deliveries to our customers who have made orders within 5PM.


8.       What is the minimum order for delivery?

You have to make a minimum order for 100Rs to have your orders delivered.

How can I give feedback about your service?
Please contact us  sales@spero.co.in, we will be happy to help!