Vendor FAQ


Shop Registration


1.       How do I register?

Click on the sign in button, provide your details as asked. You can also give our number and we will call you back. Once you have registered you will get a call from us to verify your shop and then on successful verification you can start selling on our site.


2.       Are there any charges for Registration

No. There are no charges for registration. It is absolutely free.


3.       Can I have multiple registrations?

Yes, if you have multiple shops


4.       Can I sell alcohol or smoking items on your site?



5.       What is Dashboard?

Dashboard is where you will enter after sign in. You can update all your products and the shop is managed through this dashboard


6.       Do you increase the price when you sell






1.       When will I receive the payment?

Your payment is made within 36 hours.


2.       What should I do if I need help or support

Please contact your Spero sales manager or


3.       Do you arrange a return of items

No. Customer will contact the shop for any faulty items, refund or returns. It’s up to the shop to deal with such queries.




1.       When will Spero deliver the items?

We deliver the order on the same day, if it’s made before 6pm on the day. Any order made after 6pm will be delivered the next day


2.       What happens if I have to close the shop for a day?

Update your shop profile with close status


3.       Will I be contacted before delivery?

No.  You will receive the order details via Spero App